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Coastal Colours NFT Collection

The Most Vibrant NFT Collection On Opensea


Coastal Colours NFT is a collection of 1/1 aerial artworks that embodies the bright and colourful coastline of Western Australia.

The selected images were captured and created in my unique style and embody the vibrant colours of the West Australian Coast.

Minted on Opensea, the full collection consists of my favourite 50 1/1 aerial works from my 10 years as a digital artist/photographer.


A new 1/1 NFT will be released every week for 50 weeks.

A 1/1 NFT Airdrop will be sent to a random collector every time x10 works sell.

Each piece contains an unlockable hi res image of the NFT for the collectors personal use.

The original collector of each piece will will receive an A2 fine art print of their NFT.

Once the collection sells out, each collector will receive a partner piece to their original collected piece.

Price: 0.25 Eth
Available: 50